Textile Pieces

Spindles 100: Hers
2017 - 2018
Installation involving 100 textile sculptures (spindles)

The installation is a collective art work in which 50 women were invited to put their own hand prints on two white textile sculptures using red paint.emma1Jacquie Inspired by the shapes of tree seed pods (like the Kapok), chrysalises, distaffs and spindles I have created a textile sculpture in a contemporary shape. Distaff and spindle are old instruments used for spinning of natural fibers. They symbolize exclusively feminine work and are a symbol of life and time. The motif of hand prints has been present in my work for several years, as both subject and as tool for painting. Embracing the uniqueness of each individual, hand prints are both individual and universal symbol for humanity and demonstrate memories of touch and our collective unconscious.

Spindles 100: Hers
Installed at the Huntington Garden, April 2018 
Acrylic on fabric, cotton thread and fiber fill
Variable size

Open Spindle: Offering
Installed at the Huntington Garden, April 2018
Natural stuffing fibers (from the Huntington White Floss Silk tree)
cotton thread, fabric and acrylic

Temple of Love
Installed at the Huntington Garden, April 2018
Rose petals and tree rubbing
Natural rose color, pencil, 
cotton thread on fabric,

Rose Spindle, 2018
Natural rose petals rubbing on fabric and fiber, 17x3x3 in.

Red on Red Spindle, 2017
Acrylic on fabric and fiber, 17x3x3 in.

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