erie Daval is a visual artist, teacher artist and art therapist based in Los Angeles since 2007. She studied Art and Architecture at the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts du Mans, in France, with a focus on drawing and painting. After earning her degrees, she began her visual research, inspired by figures of mythology and icons. In 2000, she started a new body of works inspired by landscapes and nature. In 2001, she obtained a Diploma in art therapy in Tours, France. In 2004, she moved to Paderborn, Germany, where she was working at the Raum für Kunst artist community. Her work spans from drawing, painting, textile sculpture, installation and performance, including live drawing of dancers during performances. Her artwork has been exhibited in France, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S.

"Deeply inspired by nature and mythology, my work aims to be intuitive and contemplative. My paintings revolve around imaginary landscapes and the idea of family in a broad sense. Exploring the relationship between humanity and nature, my work is essentially based on space, shape, color, gesture and light. For me, art as a medium of the ineffable is above all a persistent mystical search and a pursuit of the self in which the act of creation is shrouded with mystery. 

My leitmotiv in art comes from the famous Chinese novelist Gao Xingjian (Nobel Prize in literature 2000). He wrote in his book Soul Mountain
"Painting begins where language fails."

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