In my work, the canvas is always regarded as a space of elaboration of a landscape, constantly moving on the border between figurative and abstract art. I like to work in a series, using traditionally one finished painting as a starting point. Deeply inspired by the "living" and the arts such as poetry, music and contemporary dance, my paintings aim to be intuitive and contemplative. For me, painting as a medium of the ineffable is above all a persistent mystical search and a pursuit of the self in which the act of paint is shrouded with mystery. My paintings are essentially based on space, shape, color, gesture and light.

My leitmotiv in art comes from the famous Chinese novelist Gao Xingjian
(Nobel Prize in literature 2000) He wrote in his book Soul Mountain:
"Painting begins where language fails."


A selection of works is available at the following gallery:
Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, U.K.

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